Persecute scammers around globe

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  2. Attract other victims
  3. Hire lawyers!

How we catch these scammers all over the world:

  • We Unite victims
  • The victims contribute $125-200 each
  • We hire the best lawyers to punish all these scammers



General direct expenses of good lawyers ~50,000 USD



400 victims got into the scam project


125.00 USD

cost of lawyers services
per victim

Like pair of sneakers which will CATCH UP your scammer!!


What ScamPassport will do for you?

We are the media platform where victims can unite against scammers and find the best lawyers that will help to manage the case to recover crypto.

Unite fast

with telegram bot it is easy and fast

Hire Best

we will offer best one crypto lawyers

Pay minimum

more people you will attract to case, less price for everyone.

Apply case in telegram

ScamPassport already has connections with 32 lawyer companies in 22 countries and crypto investigation bureau


What happens after I submit the data?

We analyze the data and assess the situation.

You are given instructions on how to proceed, including possible legal steps. We accompany you through the entire process, providing support and keeping you informed of the progress of your case with the scammer.

Where will this data be sent?

Data Handling Department.

Your data will be sent to our expert compliance team, which processes and compiles your case.

Will you really make the scammer known?

We will expose fraudsters and protect other people.

Our services also include spreading the word about the scammer and their website. This includes filing a complaint with law enforcement, and most importantly it includes posts to our platforms' social media platforms, posting on specialized sites, and providing information to anti-fraud specialists.

How long will it take to process my case?

Up to 24 hours.

The time it takes to process may depend on the complexity of the situation and the number of applications you receive. We make every effort to review your situation as quickly as possible and give you all the help we can.

How do I know the status of my case once I submit the request?

Notifications in our bot or through the email

You will get updates on the status of your case over there after you submit your application. You can also contact our Customer Service Department for more information about the status of your case.